• Grone – Interreg: With the objective to create a cross-border cluster for UAV-based services, the GRONE project aims to grow and organize the supply structure for the companies of the Greater Region. This will include developing and sharing knowledge, experiments, technological and scientific resources as well as trainings – 2017-2020.

Partners: Alerion (France), CentraleSupelec (France), Coptersystems (Germany), DroneLab (Luxembourg), Fraunhofer IZFP (Germany), Hénallux (Belgium), i-mage (Belgium), Idelux (Belgium), Inno8 (France), List (Luxembourg), Loria (France), ULiège (Belgium), Unilu (Luxembou

  • CEOS – FUI22: The Céos project delivers a reliable and secure system of inspections of pieces of works using professional mini-drone for Operators of Vital Importance coupled with their Geographical Information System. These inspections are carried out automatically at a lower cost than current solutions employing helicopters or off-road vehicles – 2017-2020

Partners: Loria/UL, Inria, ESIEE, ADCIS, RT@W, Thales Communication & Security, Enedis, EDF R&d, Aéroports de Lyon.

  • ULHyS (Energies for the future: hydrogen) – PhD funded by the Social and Economic Challenges of Lorraine Université d’Excellence (LUE): Definition of a Domain Specific Language for the cosimulation of hydrogen powered microgrids – 2018-2020.

Partners: GREEN (Groupe de Recherche en Énergie Électrique de Nancy), LORIA/UL.

  • TERMINAL – Interreg: Study on automated vehicles intended for cross-border traffic – 2019 – 2021.

Partners: Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes, Université du Luxembourg, Interdisciplinary Center for Security and Trust (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern), LORIA/UL, Utopian Future Technologies SA (Kussbus)

  • CPER Usine du Futur: LORIA-CRAN joint research on collaborative UAVs

  • Innov’Chair: regional/FEDER R&D project on smart electrical wheelchair

Partners: LogoSilver, CentraleSupélec, LORIA, ENIM, LCOMS, ISEETECH

  • ANR BioFly: biomimetic Drone

Partners: XTIM, Université Aix Marseille

Past projects

  • Hydradrone – FEDER Région Lorraine project: The Hydradrone project aims at developing a hybrid solution (Air and Surface / flying and navigating) for environmental inspection in environments such as rivers and lakes with an ease of use for operators2015-2018.

Partners: Alerion, LORIA, Pedon Environnement et milieux aquatiques.